Your Key To Peace Of Mind Motoring

The MyAutoConnect service team comprise of a dedicated professional network of automotiverepairers that are committed to providing you the customer personal service.

The MyAutoConnect application is an example of how your repairer is leveraging the latest technology to deliver the highest standard of vehicle servicing.

Your Friend On The Road

Instant Access: When you load the MyAutoConnect application and register with your chosen repairer you have instant access to vehicle servicing and repair professionals.

Worry Free Motoring: Your service team can communicate with you efficiently , easily and instantly. The communications you receive are all geared toward ensuring you experience worry free motoring. Service reminders, estimates for work required, registration checks all of these essential communications are centralised for easy reference at anytime.

Service History: How often do you have to wade through mountains of paperwork just to find a previous service invoice, or waste time calling the service centre to request a duplicate copy for your records. With the MyAutoConnect application those headaches are a thing of the past as you have instant access to the vehicle service history including the services performed, parts fitted and the service notes. Imagine how much easier this feature alone will make vehicle service management easier.

Save Money: Because your service team have such easy access to you they will ensure that you are the first to know when they have a special on a vehicle servicing. The message even includes an option to make an instant booking via your smart phone, no more wasting time phoning and you are saving money at the same time so it’s a double win.

We Are There When You Need Us

Roadside Assist: Your MyAutoConnect auto repairer has access to the most efficient national roadside assistance service in Australia. If this benefit is extended to you, your application will record the membership details and make it easy for you to call for assistance if required by a simple finger touch on an option within MyAutoConnect. To assist you further your service centre is notified when a call for roadside assistance is initiated giving your repairer the option to call and offer further assistance. This is just another example of why we say MyAutoConnect is truly your friend on the road.

Protecting your Investment: Vehicles are not cheap and as such represent a significant investment on behalf of the owner. It goes without saying that ensuring a vehicle is regularly maintained will compliment the resale value when you decide to dispose of the vehicle. To assist you in getting the best price we allow you to email the service history to a prospective purchaser, the email details all services performed including parts fitment and service notes. At a simple finger touch you can add significant value to the resale value of your vehicle.

Need To Change Repairer: Maybe you move to another suburb or interstate so you can no longer use current repairer. As described above in the resale scenario you can easily email the service history to your new repairer, he is now aware of exactly what servicing and repairs have been performed. He will find this really helpful.

Installing this application will truly give you a friend on the
road as you have instant access to your auto servicing professional.

We Share The Driving With You